Deadheading peonies: How to CAREFULLY deadhead peonies – step-by-step guide


Brits have now got their first taste of a proper UK summer, with wall-to-wall sunshine and sweltering temperatures collapsing to rain and gloom for many this morning. While these conditions will likely remain, for the time being, they allow plants to realise their potential with plentiful moisture. Some blooms may have succumbed to the recent heat, however, requiring a round of deadheading.

What is deadheading?

Deadheading is an ominous term used by gardeners to describe methods for revitalising blooms.

Removing scruffy, discoloured and dying heads keeps a bloom looking smart and encourages other flowers to grow.

Gardeners need only pick off wilting blooms with their fingers or scissors if they have tougher stems.

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Only cut below dead growth, just above healthy leaves growing on the stem.

Also, ensure to clean any tools used to deadhead, as they may spread bacteria otherwise.

Gardeners should pay attention to their plants every day, and getting rid of wilting blooms should inspire healthier growth elsewhere.

The process ultimately means they end up with more plants that last for longer.


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