Deborah James bowel cancer latest: Dr Hilary reminds people of the 5 signs for 'Bowelbabe'


The cancer campaigner broke the sad news about her current condition on social media. Posting on Instagram, James said: “The message I never wanted to write. We have tried everything, but my body simply isn’t playing ball.”

Speaking on ITV, Dr Hilary Jones said about Bowel Babe: “She’s an extraordinary person, she’s always tried to remove the stigma of bowel cancer, especially, with good humour and by making it fun.

“She’s raised awareness and, undoubtedly, she’s saved many lives.

“Because we have evidence of people calling and saying ‘if it wasn’t for her’…they wouldn’t have been diagnosed early.

“She’s also made it very clear that it isn’t just older people who get bowel cancer.”

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James was only 35 years old when diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer in December 2016.

Dr Hilary continued: “She has fought against the odds. She has now exhausted all active treatments.

“She’s at home having hospice care at the loving bosom of her family.

“But she’s beloved by the nation now, she really has made it fun.”



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