Delayed FFXIV event starts this week with Final Fantasy 14 Halloween


Final Fantasy 14 fans have been told that the game’s Halloween event will begin later this week, following a delay caused by the altered release date of the Endwalker expansion.

And the good news is that it won’t be long before everyone can jump and start checking out everything that is on offer during the limited-time activities.

As confirmed by Square Enix this week, The Saints’ Wake will begin on Friday, January 20, North America and run until early February.

For gamers in the UK, the same event will kick off at around 8am GMT, on Saturday, January 21, due to the time difference.

To get things started, gamers with access to FFXIV should speak to the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator located in Old Gridania (X:10.4 Y:8.4) to begin the All Clowns’ Wake quest.

This should set you off on several events that will allow you to unlock new cosmetics items and explore seasonal areas, like the haunted mansion.

“Some may remember The Haunted Manor from years past and we’re happy to say it will return again this All Saints’ Wake! Speak to the genial guiser by the Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre to enter the manor.

“Don’t forget, the unsavoury imp located in room #108 will allow you to transform into various people you have met throughout your journey.”

However, you will need to make sure you have reached level 15 and have completed the quest “It’s Probably Pirates.”

Other cosmetic items and activities to look forward to on January 20 include the following confirmed by Square Enix:


One of the rewards is this spooktacular face paint–fit to scare any voidsent’s socks right off. I’m also quite sure the face paint will spark some cosplay inspired glamours. I for one cannot wait to see the face paint paired with the /malevolence emote.


Who doesn’t want a new glamour?! Another reward is the Clown’s attire. Not only does this outfit boast a classical look but it also consists of individual pieces of gear so that you may mix and match to your heart’s content.


Like the outdoor pumpkins, these indoor pumpkins really set the standard for interior design. Fancy, functional, and frightening all the same, what more could one ask for in a gourd.


Ohohohoh, but we’re not done yet. Could it be…a haunted dungeon!? I daresay, what sort of frightening feasts await us within?

Don’t miss this opportunity to take on the appearance of your favourite character and take a group pose with everyone.


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