Destiny 2 Xur location: Where is Xur today and what is he selling this week?

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Xur will be flying back in the world of Destiny 2 today, and there should be plenty of new exotics to choose from.

The best stuff will be reserved for those with the Glimmer and Legendary Shards to spend, with at least three exotic items to choose between.

That’s without mentioning the new Legendary weapons and armour that will be offered by Xur this weekend.

Xur is expected back in the game at 6pm GMT and will remain available to visit until the weekly reset on November 16.

The big thing to note is that Bungie never shares the location for where they will be putting the elusive merchant, meaning that gamers have to find it themselves.

The good news is that Xur can only spawn in a few locations, including places like the EDZ, Nessus and The Tower.

So while gamers will have to wait until Xur is found, the process should only take a few minutes after 6pm.

Last week, Xur could be found hanging out in the EDZ at the Winding Cove, perched high on the cliffs.

He was selling Prometheus Lens for 29 Legendary Shards, Crown of Tempests for 23 Legendary Shards, Shinobu’s Vow for 23 Legendary Shards, and Lion Rampant for 23.

And for anyone who has forgotten, Legendary Shards used by Xur are remnants of powerful items used to improve gear or trade for other stuff.

It should also be noted that Xur will be dropping items similar in power level to your character.

And another part of Xur that is new to the latest version of Destiny 2 is that he now drops Cipher Quests for free.

The Quest will reward you with an exotic Cipher, and last week included completing 21 Strikes or winning the same number of Crucible or Gambit matches.

Every week, Guardians can acquire one Exotic Engram using Legendary Shards that will decrypt as Exotics that aren’t already in your collection.

Xur will be returning to the game alongside the launch of another weekly event that recently took a little break.

The Trials of Osiris will be back in the mix around the same time as Xur returns, and will be running experimental rules again.

According to the latest news on the subject, Trials will be using Capture Zone rules, which are still Elimination, but come with the following changes:  

30 seconds after the round starts, a capture zone is enabled. Players can capture this zone to win the round, or just eliminate the other team like normal.  

The capture zone has a waypoint from round start, including a countdown timer, so everyone will know exactly when and where it will be.  

The capture zone starts in the middle of the map in the first round and changes location each round.  

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