Devin Nunes on the Durham probe: 'The whole Mueller investigation should be investigated'


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Trump Media & Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes said Wednesday on “America’s Newsroom” he hopes John Durham’s probe will hold people accountable for their actions during the 2016 campaign. Nunes said what Durham is finding shows the need for an investigation into how Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe was conducted.


DEVIN NUNES: When I asked Mueller directly when he was presenting to the United States Congress what he knew about Christopher Steele and the dossier he didn’t remember. So look, I don’t know if he had cognitive issues at that time, but the whole Mueller investigation should be investigated, and I hope that Durham is looking at that because you had all kinds of Clinton campaign operatives and dirty cops who were in that Mueller probe. So totally different from what you have with Durham. Oh, and by the way, you went every single day with a leak. Let’s not forget the leaks to the fake news who were promoting this hoax. The Durham probe has been the opposite of that. He’s doing it by the book. There’s been zero leaks. So I think Durham has a lot of credibility moving forward here. The issue will be, is some of the laws that were broken weren’t crimes. And that’s really the problem. If an FBI lawyer lies to a FISA court, you know, nobody ever thought that was there’s not really a law on the books for that. That should be like 20 years minimum sentence because we can’t have dirty cops, people within these intelligence agencies playing politics and lying to a court. But however, they got a slap on the wrist. So I think Durham’s building a larger conspiracy case here and hopefully he’s going to be able to get build enough evidence to bring all of these people to justice. 



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