Diesel prices hit 'miserable milestone' of 150p per litre as drivers urged to shop around

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The AA reported that the average price of diesel had climbed to 150.5p on Saturday before falling slightly to 150.09p on Sunday. Previously the record high price was set in April 2012 at a price of 147.93p, before it was shattered in October.

Petrol also remains static at 146.53p per litre, as well as super unleaded, which has a higher average price of 156.91p per litre.

Simon Williams, RAC fuel spokesperson, said the record price would have a massive impact on drivers.

He said: “Fuel prices this year are setting records for all the wrong reasons, with the average price of a litre of diesel hitting £1.50 a particularly miserable milestone. 

“The high prices drivers are having to endure at the pumps is also coming at a time of rising domestic energy costs.

The data, from Boiler Central, found that drivers are spending 14.2 percent of their weekly wage on a tank of petrol.

On average, a weekly wage is £550, with an average cost of a 55-litre tank coming in at a price of £77.93.

Drivers in London spend the smallest percentage of their weekly wage on petrol, at just 9.6 percent.

A spokesperson for Boiler Central, said: “As petrol prices soar to their highest point on record in the UK, influenced by the global rise in crude oil prices and previous panic buying in the country, it’s clear from this data that some regions are worse affected than others when it comes to affording fuel. 

“While the fluctuations of petrol prices themselves are an important gauge of affordability, when you look at the cost of a tank of petrol against the average wage of each region, it’s clear that some areas are more impacted than others when it comes to the financial burden of paying for fuel, on top of the other costs of maintaining a household.

“As petrol literally runs our lives, allowing us to get to work and earn money, drive children to school and pick up food and other essentials, hopes will be high that prices will stabilise, and become more affordable for families.”

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