Does Mcdonalds Take Apple Pay

Does Mcdonalds Take Apple Pay
Does Mcdonalds Take Apple Pay

Does Mcdonalds Take Apple Pay Introduction

Does Mcdonalds Take Apple Pay? It is a common thing today that Apple Pay is providing an efficient and safer way of paying for your favorite meals. That’s why, many restaurants started adding Apple Pay as their Accepted Means of Payment.

McDonald`s usually take Apple Pay as a means of payment in Restaurants, Drive-thru, and on the McDonald`s App. You can come with your Apple Watch or iPhone at McDonald`s Restaurants or Drive-thru.

Does Mcdonalds Take Apple Pay. When using Apple Pay on the McDonald`s App, you are supposed to choose the Apple Pay option on the Check Out Screen before placing your order.

In this article, we are going to delve into everything you are supposed to know when using Apple Pay to make an order at McDonald`s Restaurant, Drive-thru as well as Online.

What is Apple Pay?

Does Mcdonalds Take Apple Pay. Apple pay is a form of Mobile Wallet, or rather Digital Wallet where you store your Credit Card Information. The stored payment data can be connected to an approved Credit Card Terminal. this is done by using Short-Range Wireless Communication by holding your smartphone ear the terminal.

Apple Pay is known to work using Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology which allows the Mobile Wallet and the Credit Card Terminal to work. It is supposed to have NFC compatibility. Lucky enough, most POS Systems offer this feature these days.

Telling if a terminal takes Mobile Payments is very easy. It will indicate on the terminal in words or a symbol with a triangular shape that consists of three arcing lines.

When the phone has transferred data to the Credit Card Terminal, it will communicate with the customer`s account putting it into the Merchant`s Bank Account.

It may seem like large companies like McDonald`s are the only ones that can afford Credit Card Terminals that accept Apple Pay as well as other Mobile Wallets. Surprisingly, they are quite accessible to small businesses as well.

Does Mcdonalds Take Apple Pay. We also have other Common Mobile Wallets such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Its upon you to choose your mobile wallets because we have different types of them depending on your electronic manufacturer`s choice.

Its not a must you have an Apple Pay Device to enjoy the fruits of a Mobile Wallet. Reason being that if Credit Card Terminal will accept one type of Mobile Wallet such as Apple Pay, it will definitely accept all types of Mobile Wallets.

Do You Have to Pay Any Fees for Using Apple Pay at McDonald`s?

We learn that there are NO FEES that are charged when using Apple Pay at McDonald`s. basically speaking, no Mobile Wallets are known to accrue fees.

Can You Get A Refund Through Apple Pay?

You are able to get a refund on your Apple Pay Payment just like any other type of payment if your order didn’t go through as planned, and for some reason.

Unlike cash, the refunded money takes time to be reflected in your account balance for some days. To add on that, you will need to get McDonald`s to make authorization of the refund in the first place.

They are going to authorize payments only meant for the orders that they know they’ve messed up. They may not agree to give you a refund if you simply didn’t like the order. Incase someone uses your Digital Wallet without your authorization, you are supposed to speak with your financial institution.

Any person will need your phone`s security measures to gain access to your mobile wallet. That’s why cases of fraudulent claims could be an uphill battle for you.

How Do Use Apple Pay at McDonald`s?

Here are steps that you are going to follow when using Apple Pay at McDonald`s:

  1. Add your card to your Apple Pay App
  2. Open your Apple Pay App at your store
  3. Bring your phone close to Credit Card Terminal
  4. Ensure that there is a connection
  5. Finalize your payments

How Do You Keep Your Mobile Wallet Secure?

You are supposed to keep your Mobile Wallet secure because most of the banks don’t refund Mobile Wallet Payments. The reason is that people go through multiple processes when completing the payment process.

Below are steps to take when keeping your Mobile Wallet secure:

  1. You should limit the people who have access to your mobile wallet
  2. Use proper phone protection methods

Pros of Using a Mobile Wallet

  1. Good security which helps to reduce fraud
  2. Very convenient hence saving you time
  3. Offers sanitization
  4. You can trim your wallet contents
  5. You can shop online on the go
  6. You receive rewards

Cons of using Mobile Wallet

  1. Not fully available worldwide
  2. Require your device to be charged
  3. Require you to carry something
  4. Encourages reckless spending
  5. Charges you more to process payments

What Are Other Fast-Food Chains That Accept Apple Pay?

  • Wendy`s
  • Burger King
  • Baskin Robbins
  • KFC
  • White Castle
  • Arby`s
  • Taco Bell
  • Panera Bread
  • Subway

What Are Ways Used to Order Food at McDonald`s?

  1. In-store
  2. Drive-thru
  3. Using mobile app

What Are Some of The Troubleshooting Tips for Your Mobile Wallet?

  1. Verify that you have selected the right card
  2. You need to restart your phone
  3. Reenter your card details
  4. Then call your financial institution

What Are the Alternative Methods That Can Be Used When Making Payments?

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Other Mobile Wallets

In conclusion

Apple Pay has become one of the most preferred Payment Method because of its identity protection, safety, and the excellent convenience it offers to the customers. We would love to encourage you to make Apple Pay Payment Method at your nearest McDonald`s.

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