Dog steals hearts of thousands with sweet reaction to his young neighbour

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An excitable dog has stolen the hearts of thousands of viewers in a viral video that shows his adorable reaction when his neighbour comes over to walk him. The video was shared on Reddit by MitchMelly and was captioned: “Every morning I walk an elderly neighbour’s dog before school. I love his reaction when I arrive.”

The dog hears the neighbour arrive and instantly begins wagging his tail and looking through the window.

The pup rushes into the house through a doggy flap from the garden linked to his cage and greets the neighbour with pure joy.

As the video continues, the dog becomes more and more excited: wagging his tail, jumping up, running in small circles, trying to sit patiently but he cannot shake his happiness that it is time for a walk.

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A third added: “Good on you for making such a happy woof.”

A fourth replied: “That is so sweet! I know the dog and his human must be appreciative, and I hope you get enjoyment from it too.

“When I was in middle school, I used to walk and play with my neighbour’s dog, a little white Staffy, and I still consider him one of my best friends from that part of my life.”

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