Drivers mixing E5 and E10 fuel in bid to retain fuel economy after issues with new petrol


Since the introduction of E10 petrol in September, drivers have experienced problems with their vehicles, from their dashboard petrol light being on to a “sputtering” engine. An Express reader, using the handle Dingle6677, has suggested an alternative option to E10.

“Using a single tank of E10 petrol in a vehicle that is not compatible should not be a major problem. Just make sure you fill up with the correct E5 (‘97+ octane) petrol grade next time.

“Unlike putting petrol into a diesel engine, you shouldn’t need to drain the tank. On a one-time basis, your vehicle will not suffer engine damage as a result.

“Prolonged use of E10 petrol in a non-compatible vehicle, however, may cause harm and is not recommended.”

Other motorists reported issues with the new petrol, with reader TooManyIdiots, seeing a huge drop in fuel economy.

“We are using almost twice as much in the tank, so any slight reduction is negated by vastly higher consumption.”

Another commenter, JamesMcGuckin2, said: “The new E10 fuel at the pumps, you get 33 percent less miles to the gallon than unleaded.

“Therefore you’ll buy more fuel.

“This outweighs the benefits to the environment.

“E10 fuel is less dense than the original unleaded, hence higher consumption. Happy motoring.”


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