Drivers risk 'causing danger to themselves and others' by making simple road mistake


Experts at GEM Motoring Assist claim drivers could be “harder to spot” by not properly using their lights. They warn only using front running lights are “designed purely” so vehicles can be seen.

However, they have urged drivers to always use dipped headlights in poor weather for the best visibility.

They said: “Drivers who consider that lights are for use only in darkness are causing danger to themselves and others.

“Many drivers are making journeys on gloomy winter days without switching their lights on. Using dipped headlights for all journeys at this time of year is the safest option.

“Unfortunately, some drivers are making themselves harder to spot from behind when daytime visibility is reduced, because they’re relying on automatic lighting systems and front-only daytime running lights.

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DRIVERS may be “causing danger to themselves and others” by not using a simple tool in their vehicle, according to road safety campaigners.

“You can also use dipped headlights during the day.

“The Highway Code advises cars to use headlights whenever visibility’s seriously reduced.

“It also recommends headlights during the day for motorbikes so they can be seen more easily.”


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