Duchess of York 'favourite' jewel portrays 'wonderful' member of family 'Important to me'


The Duchess of York opened up about her jewellery collection during an interview with fashion magazine Vogue.

The Duchess of York revealed her “favourite” piece and said it is “very important” to her.

During the interview, Sarah talked about her “trendy gold and silver bangles and hooped earrings with words such as ‘faith’ in diamanté.”

The royal also showed one jewel that had an “S medallion”, and unveiled which is her best-loved piece.

“This one is my favourites,” Sarah said.

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The royal showed a charm bracelet and explained: “Each charm is very important to me.

“The Pegasus horse from Ireland; a bee for Beatrice; stirrups because I love riding.”

Although the Duchess of York was born in London, she is proud of her Irish heritage.

She said once: “Though heavily Irish on both sides, my family tree claimed its quota of blue blood, with four Dukes and at least three mistresses of Charles II.


“My father, Major Ronald Ferguson, hailed from a long line of distinguished gentleman soldiers.

“My mother, the former Susan Wright, came from an established family in Ireland.”

The Duchess of York has two daughters with Prince Andrew, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, the latter being Sarah’s eldest daughter.

Sarah said while talking about Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice’s roles as new mothers: “My children are phenomenal mothers.

“They were great children, but now they’re phenomenal mothers.

“And now, I have these two exceptional grandchildren all in one year.

“Everyone asks me, ‘How are your grandchildren?’

“Well, firstly, I look at my girls being wonderful mothers, and then I see these incredible beings,” she told Hello.

Sarah Ferguson has a jewellery collection valued at £660,000, mostly given to her by the Royal Family.

One of the most expensive pieces is her engagement ring, valued at £70,000.

Jewellery expert Grant Mobley said about the ring: “This engagement ring features an unconventional and rare Burmese Ruby centre stone surrounded by a halo of 10 beautiful white diamonds in a classic yellow gold setting.

“The red centre stone was chosen to compliment her red hair and today would be worth upwards of £70,000 because of the colour and quality of a ruby of this size.”


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