E10 fuel changes: Motorcyclists warned as some vehicles are not compatible

The UK Government is introducing E10 fuel as a replacement for E5 fuel. The difference between the two petrol’s is E10 is made of 10 percent bioethanol, whereas E5 fuel is made of five percent bioethanol.


This makes E10 better for the environment as it contains more renewable ethanol, which will reduce carbon emissions.

E10 is set to be rolled out in September, although some motorists have already seen the new fuel on some forecourts across the country.

There has been some criticism about the choice to replace the traditional E5 fuel, with some pointing out that vehicles may not be compatible.

This has been the case for some older classic cars and vehicles, but now motorcyclists are being warned some mopeds and motorbikes may not work.

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All models of Triumph and Yamaha after 1990 are compatible with E10.

With Harley Davidson it is slightly earlier with all models from 1980 being compatible with E10, with any models before this year being advised to use RON 98 fuel.

Any Honda motorcycles and mopeds produced for the EU market since 1993 can use E10, although carburettor-equipped models could experience poor driveability in cold weather conditions.

Any BMW Motorrad can use gasoline that has been blended with up to ten percent ethanol (E10), although the number of octanes needs to be compatible with the model according to the user handbook.

This is the same for the American manufacturer Victory motorcycles.

Both KTM motorcycles and ATVs and Peugeot Scooters models from 2000 are compatible with the new fuel. 

Suzuki have outlined that 2002 Model Years and onwards can use E10 with no problems.

However, for models made between 1992 and 2001, some models can use E10 and some cannot, with drivers being advised to contact their national importer for clarification.

Any model from before 1991 and earlier should continue to use RON 98 (no bio-fuel content).

Most Piaggio models over 50cc are compatible with E10 from 2011 onwards, although they do not recommend the use of E10 on mopeds which are currently in production. 

Two giants of the motorcycle world, Ducati and Kawasaki, have released extremely detailed guidance to its drivers as to which models can and cannot use E10 fuel.

For Ducati, the guidance ranges from their Diavel, Hypermotard, Monster and Superbike models.

In terms of the age of bikes for Kawasaki, it can range anywhere from 2006 to 2011.

The exact models can be found for Ducati, Kawasaki and all other models on the E10check website.

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