‘Easy to grow’ houseplants which ‘thrive on neglect’ – ‘you can’t kill even if you wanted’


Houseplants are very popular in UK homes and can provide owners with lots of benefits including a boosted mood as well as helping to purify the air. With all plants having different care requirements, it can be hard to know how much to water, feed and clean each houseplant, which is why many opt for low maintenance varieties.

Zach Morgan, a horticulturalist and gardening expert at Fantastic Services, explained: “These are some of the best plants you can’t kill even if you wanted. They basically thrive on neglect.

“This includes the mother of thousands. It’s quite easy to grow and maintain. This drought-tolerant plant is extremely adaptable to different adverse environments and humidity conditions.

“In their natural habitat, they’re kind of a weed. It’s a very striking plant that only requires bright light. 

“They produce little baby plants that are offsets of the main plant, and that’s how they propagate themselves. They will fall into the soil and grow on their own.”

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Zach added: “The ZZ plant is one of the most popular plants known for being hard to kill. The stiff, leathery and glossy leaves of this plant are quite hardy.

“The ZZ plant is drought tolerant and only needs bright light and occasional watering – every couple of days or even once a week. 

“You can put them in the darkest corners of your home and they’ll do just fine.”

Another extremely low maintenance plant, perfect for beginners, is the golden pothos, which can manage in a range of “extreme conditions”.

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The expert said this houseplant is the one which puts up with the most neglect, and can go a long time without being watered.

Zach added: “Also the air plant. They get nutrients from the air using only their leaves instead of the roots. 

“They’re quite hardy and low maintenance, perfect for beginners and forgetful gardeners.”

For outdoor plants, another expert recommended planting primroses and geraniums. Samantha Richards, garden gazebo expert at Gazeboshop, said: “If you are growing them from perennials they require thorough watering when first planted. Once the plant is established not much work is needed, other than watering once a week in summer and dry months.

“The shrub favours partial shade and if given the proper growing conditions they will also multiply each year.”

Geraniums are extremely popular garden plants because they are easy to grow and come in a variety of colours including bright pink and blue.

With a lovely scent, they grow easily in garden beds, containers and hanging baskets, making them a perfect garden flower.

Samantha added: “They can cope in a multitude of environments, most impressively in the hottest of summers with limited water. But be aware, during winter when the temperatures drop to freezing, they need to be brought inside.”


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