Elderly driving restrictions could make UK a 'nanny state' and 'not the right thing to do'


Sean Kemple, Founder of Close Brothers Motor Finance said it was wrong to tell people what to do with their lives. He warned many drivers were confident “ and still able to drive comfortably meaning it should be about ability and not just age.

Linda Jones is pushing for older road users to face an annual check to ensure they are “not a danger to the public”.

Her husband Simon was killed by an elderly driver while cycling to work back in 2019.

Motoring lawyer Nick Freeman has also called for medical checks to be introduced at least every two years.

He said this should be a face to face examination and should test a driver’s reaction times and vision.

“But there will obviously be an element of people who will maybe push that a little bit further than it should be.

“That could cause challenges and we may be seeing those challenges right now with individuals.

“But I still stand that putting restrictions on a group of people because of their age is not the right thing to do.”


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