Elvis movie left Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley ‘overcome with emotions and in tears’


Next month, Baz Luhrmann’s long-awaited Elvis Presley movie will hit cinemas, the first cinematic biopic of the life and career of The King of Rock and Roll. The director has screened the film ahead of its Cannes debut for the star’s ex-wife Priscilla Presley and now daughter Lisa Marie Presley has seen it too. Both their verdicts are glowing and very emotional when it comes to Austin Butler’s portrayal of the music icon they knew so personally.

Priscilla tweeted: “I’ve seen Elvis the film, I watched the trailer over a dozen times. But the words I heard from my daughter on how much she loved the film and that Riley will love it too when she sees it brought tears. I relived every moment in this film. It took me a few days to overcome the emotions as it did with Lisa. Beautifully done Baz, Tom, Austin and Olivia.”

Fans will know Riley Keough as the eldest daughter of Lisa and granddaughter of The King.

Priscilla attended the Met Gala this week with Elvis star Austin Butler and Baz, with the director saying of her verdict on their film: “There will never be, for Austin and I, a better review in our life. We didn’t know what she would think. We were butterflies. I can tell you that when she wrote the note, wrote to us, wrote to Austin, that he was…he broke down in tears. That is the simple truth. Why wouldn’t you? Can you imagine? Can you imagine that responsibility?”

Elvis hits cinemas on June 24, 2022.


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