Elvis Presley: How The King ‘upset’ Memphis Mafia kids but defused Lisa Marie’s tantrum


Those who knew Elvis Presley personally have so many positive things to say about him from his cheerful outlook on life to his incredible generosity. Yet there were times when the Memphis Mafia children who lived and played at Graceland would be upset with The King, including his daughter Lisa Marie. In a new video, Danny Smith, the son of the star’s cousin Billy, was asked: “Did you ever get mad at Elvis?”

Danny replied on his Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel: “Well, yes and no. I never really got mad at Elvis, mad mad, I mean, how could you? If we were doing things such as riding the golf carts or snowmobiles or out somewhere or something, like every teenager or child or maybe adults, I got upset when it was time for it to be over. Y’know I just wanted to keep going and going all night.”

He recalled how one time Elvis gave him the key to his personal golf cart, before admitting he never experienced hatred towards The King, but simply that he would be upset that playtime was over.

In another video, Danny recalled how one time his childhood friend Lisa Marie threw a tantrum for not getting her own way.

On the incident, Elvis’ relative said: “One time we were out at Graceland and, of course, we was doing our normal, just being wild all over. And they the grown-ups had got to talking to Elvis about going up in the Lisa Marie and flying around. And Lisa wanted us to go and she wanted us all to go. Of course, it was basically an adult trip, so we wouldn’t go.”

He added: “[She] was crying and upset about that. But after a little while, she got back into her normal self and we had a good time. So I wouldn’t say she was so much as angry as she was probably hurt.”

Lisa Marie has said in previous interviews how she was “truly a terror” as the only child of Elvis, running around Graceland while her father slept all day.

She has fond memories of lots of time together upstairs at Graceland in his room and hers and how he’d set up a little chair in her bedroom with a TV.”


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