Elvis Presley made promises to Priscilla's parents to get her to move in with him

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Elvis Presley met the woman who would go on to become his wife, Priscilla Presley (née Beaulieu) in 1959 when she was just 14-years-old. The pair were in Friedberg, Germany, at the time where the King was stationed in the US Army. After his service concluded in 1960, Elvis didn’t see Priscilla again until 1962 when he invited her on a two-week vacation in the USA. After that trip, the pair never wanted to be separated again.

After Priscilla’s trip to the US had come to an end, she started planning out her next visit back to America that Christmas with Elvis.

She persuaded her parents once again that she would be respectful and responsible and the pair spent their first-ever Christmas together.

When she returned to Germany for the second time, however, everything had changed.

Elvis called Priscilla’s mother, Ann, and her step-father, Captain Paul Beaulieu, and asked for their daughter to move to Memphis, Tennessee permanently. (Via ElvisPresley.com.au)

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At the time Priscilla was in her final years of school and Elvis wanted her to finish her studies in Memphis, as close to him as possible.

This was, of course, a hard thing to accept for Priscilla’s parents.  

But the King wasn’t going to be told no. He persuaded the parents that, if Priscilla were to join him in the US, she would not live with him in Graceland, but instead with his father, Vernon Presley.

Vernon, since the death of his wife, Gladys, had been remarried, meaning Priscilla would have had two adults looking after her at all times.

Just a few months later, in March 1963, Priscilla moved in with Elvis permanently.

After that, Elvis embarked on his movie career wholly. He filmed a number of pictures, and subsequently took on many lovers, including the Swedish-American star Ann-Margret.

But in the winter of 1966, Elvis proposed to Priscilla, before marrying on May 1, 1967.

Although the pair looked happily married, Priscilla later revealed that wasn’t entirely true.

In her 1973 interview with Ladies’ Home Journal she revealed that she and Elvis were quite happy to remain as just roommates.

But, she explained, at the time “it wasn’t nice for people to [just] live together” without being married.


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