Elvis proposed to co-star Debra Paget 'Never got over her': Priscilla even looked like her


Elvis thought Debra was “the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.”

Like him, she was deeply religious but also had a wilder side – which would be exposed three years later in one of the most provocative scenes ever seen on screen at that time. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH 

In 1997 Debra added: “Following the film, he did ask me to marry him but my parents objected to my getting married. I cared about Elvis, but being one not to disobey my parents, that did not take place.”

In fact, she was actually already engaged in a two-year affair with the billionaire industralist and film producer Howard Hughes – a man far more rich, famous and powerful than Elvis.

But Debra always spoke highly of Elvis in the following years, saying: “He was a precious, humble, lovely person. Elvis had a lot of talent; there was a lot of depth they never used. He could have been a fine actor.”


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