Emmanuel Macron savaged for vaccination shortages by furious mayor 'Not enough, Macron!'


French President Emmanuel Macron is under pressure to improve the nation’s response to the coronavirus crisis. An open letter has been sent to the President demanding more vaccines be made available several regions across the country. Mayor Matthieu Demoncheaux was one of many mayors who signed the open letter.

He spoke to RT News and explained how dire the situation was becoming and the frustration growing towards President Macron.

The RT News reporter said: “Nearly one and a half million French citizens are being treated unfairly with not enough vaccines to go around.

“That is the allegation being levelled at President Emmanuel Macron in an open letter that was signed by more than 100 mayors from the Pas de Calais region.

“One of the signatories, Matthieu Demoncheaux told us why people in his part of the country feel they are being mistreated.”

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The Hesdin mayor explained why he felt President Macron was not doing enough.

He said: “Only four percent of the Pas de Calais population received two doses of the vaccine.

“This is not enough, especially when compared to the rest of the country.

“Once more, I want to remind you that the lockdown was reintroduced in our region two weeks earlier than elsewhere.

Mayor Demoncheaux closed by repeating the words of President Macron.

He said: “The President has been saying ‘we have to accelerate the vaccination rate.

“He has been saying that we are actually at war with the virus and the crusade of mass vaccination campaign is better to be started now.’

“I am sorry I chose such a comparison but we just need more vaccines, then we will all be better protected.”


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