Emoji Guide: 9 Most-Used Emojis on TikTok


A simple selection from an endless variety of icons as an emoji has not always been possible. In addition to using the emojis included on your phone’s keypad, the social media network TikTok allows users to upload their custom emojis. Nowadays, emojis are everywhere, from social media to text messages are a huge part of our daily lives, and it is crucial if we know how to use them best.

Since emojis are very prevalent, it is also noticeable that the digital lexicon expands in tandem with the number of emojis available. On TikTok, for example, they have a Tiktok emoji list that looks different from the one that Apple and Android users are used to seeing. No matter what mobile operating system you’re using, the TikTok emojis look the same. These are all the TikTok emojis you need to know.

1.  Chair Emoji

The chair emoji has become a popular meme on social media, but what does it symbolize in TikTok? Chair emojis represent laughter emojis. According to reports, items are getting laughs due to KSI, a British YouTuber. YouTube video shows KSI laughing and remarking, “Look at that chair.”

Many believe that the chair is a replacement for the laughing one because it represents Gen Z’s contagious laughter. People are now captioning humorous videos or laughing at random things with the chair emoji after KSI recently shared a couple of films that contained the chair emoji as a caption.

2.  Nail Polish Emoji

The latest emoji trend is the nail polish emoji, but what does it mean? There are many new uses for the nail polish emoji on TikTok. “Sassiness” is the most common connotation of the word. You can also use the emoji to convey a lack of concern and confidence or as a way to justify your point of view. The nail polish emoji is a great way to convey sass, boldness, or cheekiness.

3.  Sparkle Emoji

The sparkling emoji has gained popularity among TikTokers, putting it to creative use across the social networking platform. There are different ways to use emojis; this one is frequently used to emphasize or mock. It’s a lot more complicated than that. There are a plethora of applications for glitter. But the emoticon has changed over time to show genuine feelings and things like glitter and shiny jewelry.

4.  Shy or Bashful Emoji

TikTok users often use this emoji to convey the hope that the recipient will not be offended when they get a message in the form of a two-finger touch. It’s almost as if you’d like to ask someone for something, but you’re either nervous or bashful about doing so because of this. Teenagers that frequently use Tiktok have adopted this set of emoticons as their own. You use it to convey that the sender is apologetic or kindly ‌to appear appealing. As a secret emoji on TikTok, you can also use the shortcode or word to access the emoji.

5.  Person Standing Emoji

The position of one’s body when upright. People often use it on TikTok to express a sense of discomfort. Person walking-like in appearance but portrayed with its back to the viewer and no apparent movement. Person As part of Unicode 12.0, “Standing Person” was accepted and included in Emoji 12.0 in 2019 under “Standing Person.” On Apple or iOS, Person Standing is its name, and it’s a Standing Person on android or the Unicode Name for it.

6.  Face Blowing a Kiss Emoji

You’ll see a lot of sad, happy, and loving material on TikTok. Using this emoji is a common way for people to appreciate their partners. You can use this emoji to express romantic or platonic love. This emoji, commonly known as the kissy face, is often used in flirtation to express one’s adoration for someone they find attractive. To communicate your thoughts or to show that you are in a passionate frame of mind, you might use Face Blowing A KissEmoji.

7.  Face Without Mouth Emoji

Using TikTok, you can discover shocking new knowledge that will leave you speechless, and you can then express your astonishment by using this emoji to remark on the post. Shock or humiliation are the most common reasons people use this emoji to express their lack of words. Furthermore, it ensures that the user’s information or the requested content is kept confidential. As a result, some people may find it challenging to describe an event or experience in writing.

8.  Hundred Points Emoji

When admiring the talents of others on TikTok, you may want to use this emoji to convey your appreciation. Getting an “A” is equivalent to getting a perfect score on a test or another assessment of one’s knowledge or understanding of something. Symbolically, it means “stay true.”

Using an emoji, you can convey this sentiment. A notion can become more widely accepted if one uses many emojis to demonstrate one’s pride in it. Snapchat’s 100 symbol next to the fire emoji indicates a 100-day streak of snaps in the app.

9.  Fire Emoji

Tiktok is an excellent tool for discovering new and exciting content. The “on fire” emoji is always a sign of anything exciting, exhilarating, or “amazing.” It can also describe someone’s sexiness and other metaphorical fires. It refers to something fantastic and is usually used to point out the unique qualities of another person or thing as lit.

Using the fire emoji to express someone’s level of intoxication serves to communicate that they’ve had too much to drink. Since the early 1990s, hip-hop has used “fire” as slang for high-quality cannabis.


There is a wealth of important information available to us via social media, which we have access to in our daily lives. For example, we should decide in advance the emojis we’ll use to convey our emotions in our conversations and texts. As you can see from the list above, Tiktok uses a wide variety of emojis, and the list above is an excellent place to start. Thanks for reading, and remember to visit EmojiGuide.com to learn more about emojis and how to use them!

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