Enough is enough – We stand with fans against the shameless European Super League threat


Enough is enough. Sunday’s bombshell announcement of a European ‘Super’ league is the call to arms that those who love the game have been anticipating for years – and, make no mistake, now is the time to fight for the future of our sport.

This closed shop of 15 clubs who are willing to destroy centuries of tradition to line their own pockets would be a disaster.

A disaster for the smaller clubs who may not ever taste European nights but remain a beacon for their communities. A disaster for the very giants of English football who have been hijacked by these shameless suits.

The cynical architects of this tawdry plan want you to think that this is inevitable; their contempt laid bare by the fact they cooked up this plan without, for a second, consulting players, managers or – most importantly – supporters.

The reason for that was simple: they know that it is hated. From Newcastle to the Emirates, Carlisle to Cornwall, the disgust has been evident.

Us fans might live for our team winning, but the reaction of fans at Anfield and Old Trafford tells its own story: we are not so blinded by the prospect of glory that we don’t know what makes our game great.

Those involved in this shameless plan don’t get that. They have separated supporters into two groups: “legacy” and “fans of the future” who, apparently, crave superstar names playing each other every week.

If anything tells you how little the clueless executives driving this power grab know about our game, it is this. All supporters are emotionally invested in the tradition, the jeopardy and the excitement of a sport that needs history and the electricity of genuine competition and uncertainty to make it special.

If they don’t understand, now is the time for us to show them.

Our historic newspapers have told the stories of our club’s failures and glories for hundreds of years and we will not stand by and allow a few men in a backroom somewhere to steal the dreams of current and future generations.

Our nationwide survey shows overwhelming opposition to the plan, from fans whose teams would be locked in to those pressing their nose against the glass.

It is a mandate for us to speak with one voice and say: the people you have taken for granted want nothing to do with this. At every opportunity we will make that case and speak on behalf of our readers.

We know what’s at stake. This so-called Super League not only has to fail, it has to be chased out of the sport forever.


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