Fascinating VoIP Trends to Look Out For

Fascinating VoIP Trends
Fascinating VoIP Trends

Voice Over Internet (VoIP) technology has grown tremendously, especially in the last decade. It has become a fundamental part of business operations. As technology continues to grow rapidly, you can only expect VoIP technology to improve. Here are a few trends to keep an eye out for.

1. Smaller Businesses Embracing VoIP

For the longest time, VoIP has been more popular in big corporates. But that is slowly changing, and more small businesses are joining the bandwagon. These businesses can use VoIP to make calls for less, and keep their call data synchronized with CRM records. Here’s a great resource about the role of VoIP in business.

2. Fraud Prevention Using AI

As more business operations are digital, cyber security is inevitably part of the equation. Experts predict that by 2025, the cumulative spending on cyber security could be $1.75 trillion. Notably, some of these fraud attacks are carried out through voice calls. But with the integration of artificial intelligence into VoIP technology, fraud prevention will go a notch higher. AI is so advanced that it can detect inauthenticity in a person’s voice. As time passes, expect more cloud-based VoIP providers to connect with AI players.

3. Adoption of VoIP Beyond Business

Businesses have so much to gain from VoIP technology. But the benefits of VoIP are not confined to offices and companies. Other establishments, such as schools and hospitals, are benefiting. VoIP will become a crucial tool in disaster recovery in the healthcare sector. For instance, VoIP allows priority calling so hospitals can handle patients’ calls based on urgency. Similarly, schools can use VoIP to interact with students and teachers, especially in the wake of online learning.

4. Personalization of Customer Experience

For businesses serving customers from different parts of the world, personalizing their customer experience might be challenging. For instance, the person handling inquiries wouldn’t understand all languages worldwide. But VoIP will bridge that gap through smart routing. That means once a customer places a call, the VoIP tool will instantly detect the language and route the call to the appropriate representative.

5. Omnichannel Contact Center

VoIP will guarantee uniformity and continuity in communication – what is commonly referred to as omnichannel communication. As is the trend nowadays, almost everybody has multiple smart devices. It is essential to ensure that when someone switches devices, their previous online activity will sync automatically. Therefore, you can expect omnichannel VoIP solutions to become more mainstream.

What These Trends Mean for Businesses

As you anticipate these trends in the VoIP arena, it’s essential to understand what that means for your business. One of the most apparent outcomes is increased call quality. That will go a long way in streamlining remote working and customer interaction. These trends will also save businesses more money. For instance, successful fraud prevention saves companies money they would otherwise spend on recovery from attacks. It is also important to note that VoIP is flexible. So should newer technologies emerge, VoIP will also evolve accordingly.

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