FIFA World Cup Preparation: Potential Group Winners

With the FIFA World Cup competition closing in, we are looking at some of the best teams to make it to the tournament this year. We’ve been through different qualifiers, and we have arrived at the top 32 teams in the world today. Therefore, we are prepared to start predicting. You can start making out your score predictions and others.

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event this year, and we would love to look at the teams that would participate in it. Therefore, as we prepare for the competition, we would love to predict the teams that we think would make it out of their respective groups.

Without wasting time, let’s look at the eight groups and the 16 teams we think would make it to the competition’s knockout stages.

Group A

In Group A, we have the host and three other teams joining from Europe, Africa, and South America. The teams here are tough and picking the ones that would win the group would be hard. With Senegal coming with great form and winning the AFCON tournament, they would be hard to beat.

In addition to Senegal, there is the Netherlands with some impressive talents this year, and we know how the Dutch are when it comes to the tournament group stages. Therefore, our pick for this group is Netherlands and Senegal.

Group B

England, USA, Iran, and Wales are ready to battle it in Group B. The teams are filled with youngsters and a few experienced players. Therefore, you can always see that they would give their best to make it out of the group.

However, we think England would be the best team after the group stages. The battle for second place will be between the USA and Wales, and we believe that the USA will take it, although it would be close.

Group C

It is challenging for Group C, it is challenging, especially for the team to win second place. Argentina is undoubtedly the favorite to win the group, following their form since the COPA America competition.

Therefore, the real battle will be between Mexico, Poland, and Saudi Arabia. In this case, we think Mexico will take the second place as they have a better form than the other two. Also, we don’t see Poland or Saudi Arabia doing much against Argentina and Mexico.

Group D

Group D has the current World Champions paired with Denmark, Australia, and Tunisia. It is a real battle, but going by pure form and talent, France has the best chance of winning the group.

However, many people will be wary of the champion’s curse that can see them lose out on the top two positions. But we still think they have what it takes to win the group. Aside from France, Denmark is the other team we expect to qualify from Group D because of how incredible they’ve been so far.

Group E

Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, and Japan are all lumped into Group E to fight for the top two spots. It looks like one of the most challenging groups in the competition, and we are here to enjoy it. We believe Germany and Spain have the best forms coming into this competition, but things can always go south.

Therefore, we believe it would be close, especially with Japan and Costa Rica, which are notorious for punching above their weight. However, we still think Germany and Spain will make it out, but we can’t say which team will win the group.

Group F

For Group F, it would be Belgium, Canada, Morocco, and Croatia. These teams would be working hard to finish strong in the group. It would have been easy to predict with the two big names, Belgium and Croatia, following the 2018 World Cup competition, but they aren’t at their best forms.

Belgium might still make it out because they know how to grind a win against teams even in their worst form. But we don’t think Croatia would make it. We believe Canada would take their spot because of their exciting young team.

Group G

In Group G, Brazil, Cameroon, Serbia, and Switzerland would be going head-to-head for first and second place. We expect Brazil to make it out unscathed. However, it is difficult to predict the team to make it out of the group with Brazil because these teams are closely matched.

But, we think Switzerland would be the best of the bunch because they are more experienced and have a better team than the other two. Therefore, Brazil and Switzerland are the two teams we expect to make it out of Group G.

Group H

We have Ghana, South Korea, Portugal, and Uruguay in the final group. These teams are set to bring their A-game, which would be exciting. Ghana would want to take revenge against Uruguay as the South American team was responsible for stopping the African team from making it to the last four.

So, it would be an epic matchup. However, we think Uruguay will make it out of the group, and Portugal will also join them in the round of 16 to complete the teams in the knockout stages.

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