Five scams to avoid as Britons lose billions to fraudsters – 'block the number'


Some £1.3billion was stolen in 2021 as fraudsters use the cost-of-living crisis to target Britons. Many people think they won’t fall for fraudsters, but these days they can convince the most scam conscious individual.

Another common scam that catches people out is the scam text message from the DVLA offering a refund on car tax.

Mr Baker explained: “The DVLA has issued warnings to drivers after a 20 percent rise in texts and emails circulating the UK that they have calculated a driver’s vehicle tax, and that they have overpaid and due a refund.

“This is, in fact, false. Texts and emails can also claim their payment details need updating and they are in debt to the DVLA which again, is false.

“Often, a person will update their card details, for the scammer to empty their bank account. All refunds are generated automatically by the DVLA and the driver doesn’t have to submit any information to receive their refund.”

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Scammers are also preying on the parents of adult children by texting them to claim they have a new number.

The scammer then texts an elaborate story claiming to need money with the promise they will pay it back.

Mr Baker advised: “If you receive this message, call the person that they are claiming to be on the number that you have previously held of them. It’s here that they can confirm if it’s a scam.

“Remember, the bank details that they give are unlikely to match the ones that you hold for the real person. Forward the text to 7726 and block the number.”

The five common cost of living scams to watch out for:

  • False promises of an energy rebate
  • Fake insurers offering fake car insurance
  • DVLA refund promises
  • Advance fee fraud – don’t pay for a product or service in advance of receiving it
  • Mum and dad scam – this started on Whatsapp and is now being sent out as text scams.


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