Florida AG rips 'lying' Mayorkas: He's working harder for the cartels than the American people


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Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody argued on “Fox & Friends” Monday DHS Secretary Mayorkas is “working harder” for drug cartels and un-vetted illegal immigrants than the American people after uncovering an internal CBP document from 2021 on the repercussions of lifting Title 42 at the southern border.


ASHLEY MOODY: This has been a fraud from the moment [Mayorkas] started testifying. Those of us that are in the top law enforcement positions in our states, working with law enforcement, are terrified when this Title 42 order gets revoked shortly. And, of course, we’re fighting in court to make sure that it doesn’t. Mayorkas came out as soon as he took office and said he would fundamentally change immigration policy in this nation. Now, remember, he is the top law enforcement official charged with protecting our homeland. Charged with protecting the American people. And now we have found documents based on litigation that have shown they know that the Mexican drug cartels, the transnational criminal organizations are being fueled and funded and the violence spreading because of this administration and because of their policies. We know they know that their policies are affecting this surge. And we also know that they understand if they lift Title 42, there will be significant safety implications. Now, I’ve been trying to find out why in the world they would think they had any lawful authority to start on their own changing immigration policy. So we’ve been demanding documents when they started releasing criminals back into the communities, shutting off programs. And when we finally got documents, this is what we see. It’s blacked out. But we can at least tell he is lying to the American public and working harder for the cartels and unvetted illegal immigrants than he is for the American people.



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