Freddie Mercury felt Queen never had a successful gig unless he achieved one goal – WATCH

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This year marks three big Freddie Mercury anniversaries. Not only has it been 30 years since the Queen singer died, but 2021 is also when the star would have turned 75. While on top of these, it’s been 50 years since Queen formed their final line-up and their legacy continues to be stronger than ever.

As part of the celebrations of their achievements, and in memory of Freddie, a weekly official mini-documentary series has been released on YouTube.

Now on Episode 27 of 50, Queen The Greatest this week looks back at the singer’s iconic Ay-Ohs from 1985’s Live Aid and other concerts.

As for why Freddie did this, he admitted in one interview it was essential for him to get the audience on side. Otherwise, the star felt that Queen had not had a decent concert.

In an archive video, he said: “That’s the part of my role, I have to win them over, otherwise it’s not a successful gig.”

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Freddie continued: “It’s my job to make sure that I win them over and make them feel that they’ve had a good time.

“I’m very frivolous, and I like to enjoy myself, and what better way to do it than on stage in front of 300,000 people. I just cook on stage, that’s just my nature. 

“That’s not what I’m like in real life, my character’s built up of all kinds of ingredients and this is one element of me.”

The Queen legend went on to share how important he felt it was to be really putting on a show for the audience and not just singing a song.

Freddie said: “On stage, that’s my job and I don’t like to go on stage, sitting on a stool and do a show.

“I’m very volatile, in that way, and I like to actually put a song across in the way it is.  It’s all part of showbiz and theatre, that’s another side of me.” 

The Queen singer also made sure to have unique interactions with each audience he performed to.

In one clip, Freddie holds up a clawed glove and says: “Do you like my claws?  They’re real diamonds. It’s a present from the devil himself. You don’t believe me?  They don’t believe me!”

Wigg shared: “[Freddie] picked up an iron and threw it through a full-length mirror that he dressed in front of earlier. I said, ‘Freddie! Gosh! You’re obviously not superstitious. That’s seven years bad luck in my family.’ And he said, ‘Well that means I’ve got another seven years to live haven’t I David?’ Of course, he was fit then.”

Both Wigg and Austin then asked Freddie what on earth the matter was. Freddie said: “We were not good enough tonight. My microphone was popping and that is bad. We are number one and we have to be the best!”

Wigg admitted: “That’s what he was like. And I said, ‘But look Freddie they’re calling you back now.’ Freddie replied: “Ah but I know and I want them to have the best of us.” Wigg added: “Extraordinary isn’t it?”

Next week’s episode of Queen The Greatest will look back at Freddie’s song Love Of My Life.

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