'Free botox': Three facial massage & anti-ageing techniques – 'you will see a difference'


Facial yoga practitioner and health coach Victoria Adams spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the benefits of facial massage in and how it can take years off the face. She shared three exercises that both prevent ageing and reverses its effects.

Searches for facial massage has exploded in recent years, with the hashtag #facialmassage boasting a huge 413.3 million views on TikTok.

What with Zoom meetings becoming a near daily occurrence for so many of us, people are becoming all too familiar with every curve and crevice of their face.

This has promoted a surge in searches for how to make the face look younger at home.

And Victoria believes this is wholly possible: “The right skincare can literally change the shape of your face – you can sculpt a different face.”


This is because it helps extensively with blood flow, which in turn helps to heal the skin – so it is a particularly beneficial practise for those dealing with spots.

Recommending three specific exercises for doing so, Victoria began: “The first is the Cheekbone Sculpt.

“You bring your hands into fists and stick your thumbs out like you’re doing a thumbs up.”

She continued: “Using the thumb pad, start at the nostrils and move under the cheekbones up towards the ear.


“That would be my number one.”

The second facial massage that Victoria would recommend is a Jawline Sculpt.

This involves making a peace sign with both fingers and bending the knuckles.

Turning your fingers towards yourself, you place the index finger on top of the chin and middle finger underneath it.

In this position, Victoria recommended: “You run it – squeezing slightly – along the jawline and up to the ear.”

This involves between 10 to 20 small movements.

The third essential exercise Victoria suggested for anti-ageing purposes is a manual Eyebrow Lift.

Calling the technique “free botox”, she explained: “You bring your hands into fists.

“And with the knuckles closest to the nail bed, you massage up above the eyebrow three times – up, up, up.”

This is beneficial for so many reasons, according to the expert.

She elaborated: “It relieves tension that we’re holding in the forehead, discouraging us from holding that pose which then is going to cause more signs of creasing.

Achieving a similar look to pricey botox, the Eyebrow Lift can help rid people of the appearance of hooded eyes.

And these results do not take hours and hours of daily dedication, with Victoria proposing that just one minute of facial massage can be enough to reap rewards.

“It’s just about little and often; even if you do 60 seconds every morning, you will see a difference within three weeks.”


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