‘From council estate kid to turning over £4m a year’ One woman shares her top tips

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Bullied because she lived on a council estate yet attended private school thanks to a scholarship, the 44-year-old mum of twins has turned her life around. Now she runs a multi-millionaire coaching business helping others reverse their fortunes. In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk she tells readers how she’s done it.

Multi-millionaire Lisa Johnson is just about to jet off to host a coaching retreat in Croatia, and will then holiday in Dubai, the Maldives and the Bahamas.

She’s come a long way since she was bullied as a teenager for being the council estate kid and since then her journey hasn’t been plain sailing either.

Lisa worked in investment banking up until a few years ago when she split from her children’s father, which spurred her to accept a job nearer home – even though it meant taking a pay cut.

At the same time, she started up her own side hustle – a wedding planning business.

She explained: “I hadn’t always dreamt of starting a wedding planning business. I just thought it sounded glamorous and there would be cake involved.”

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Lisa has now sold her wedding planning business and has set up Lisa Johnson Consultancy.

After learning the hard way, her second business took off making £220,000 profit in the first year.

“I was absolutely knackered though,” she said. “Somehow I’d gone from working 9am to 5pm to now working 6am until 11pm. And I still wasn’t seeing my kids.”

This prompted her to make another change, researching passive income streams and adding them into her own business.

“By the end of the second year I was working 30 hours a month instead of 80 hours a week and I made £4 million a year.”

Her hard graft has paid off – now she lives a laptop lifestyle where she can literally work from anywhere in the world.

And she loves to take her young boys – now nine – travelling to new, faraway exotic places.

Lisa loves helping others achieve their dreams of business success because she’s proof that anyone can turn their lives – and their businesses – around.

When asked what she would tell her teenage self, Lisa responded: “You know what? This adversity will help you become a multimillionaire one day.”

Lisa has some great tips for others who have their own business.

Firstly, she advised thinking about what a person asks you about. Whether this is children, food, fitness or makeup skills, it could be something one could make money from.

Next is growing an audience online, as this can give value to individuals about a person’s knowledge.

Thirdly, Lisa encouraged networking with others in order to collaborate with other people.

Finally, she said, learning as much as possible is key. This can be aided by free information available online as it relates to business. The entrepreneur, however, warned it is important to learn the basics before jumping straight in to a new endeavour.

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