Gardeners’ World: Monty Don warns not to plant out young hydrangeas – ‘will struggle’


Monty Don returned last night for another episode of BBC Gardeners’ World. The gardening expert shared a plethora of tips including how to cut back raspberry canes and how to collect seeds from certain flowers. Later on in the show, Monty shared his tips for planting hydrangeas.

He continued: “It’s probably the best known hydrangea of the lot, it’s called Annabelle.

“I’ve got it growing in the border here.

“Great big flower heads that flower and flower for months and it’s grown fine.

“It’s looking a bit yellow because it’s getting a bit constructed and I was going to plant it but a small cutting or a small seedling can struggle for light in particular but also for nutrients.

They need regular pruning to ensure they remain dense.

Hydrangea “Annabelle” can be toxic to cats, dogs and horses so be mindful where you’re planting it out.

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