Gardening expert shares best options for British gardeners who ‘don't want a lawn’


Morris continued: “But I think my number one tip would be not to have any lawn in the garden if it’s a modest kind of size.

“Just design the grass right out of it.

“That is the biggest single chore, cutting the grass.”

If you’ve got children, the idea of a garden without a lawn or a soft landing area can seem a bit daunting.

Instead, Morris suggested putting down a weed-suppressing membrane covered in bark chips.

He said it’s a great place to put swings, slides and trampolines too.

The gardening expert said you can put planting around the edge of it to soften up the edges of the area.

“As far as gardening maintenance goes, there isn’t any,” Morris added.

For those looking to change-up their gardens and add gravel or bark, Morris suggests putting down a weed-suppressing membrane first.


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