Georgia parent speaks out after confronting school board about sexually graphic book


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Georgia parent Michelle Brown recently confronted her local school district over a sexually graphic book made available to students in its library.

Brown joined “The Ingraham Angle” on Friday and said board members tried to silence her — citing the graphic nature of her quotations — as she read the book aloud during session.


A teacher has gone viral for a video she posted on TikTok showing the moment she tells her students that she decided to quit. (iStock)

A teacher has gone viral for a video she posted on TikTok showing the moment she tells her students that she decided to quit. (iStock)

“Excuse me, we have children at home,” one board member interrupted, to which Brown responded, “Don’t you see the irony in that?”

On Fox News, Brown said board members failed to see the irony in their demand, and that she has noticed a trend toward graphic and other questionable education materials in the time since the coronavirus pandemic.

“And the irony is even more so is that I’m in Cherokee County, Georgia, and we are one of the top Republican counties in the state,” she said of her area, which lies halfway between Atlanta and Dawsonville.


School bus. (iStock)

“I love my county. I love where I live. I love being in a conservative town. I love my schools, the school system,” she said, adding that since 2021, parents have been coming forward at such forums elsewhere in the country to question some of the curricula and materials being made available to their children without their knowledge.

Being in a conservative North Georgia county, Brown said she never thought the controversy would reach her school district. The excerpt she read at the meeting appeared to describe a steamy encounter between two individuals, delving into graphic details.

Empty Classroom In Elementary School. 

Empty Classroom In Elementary School. 
(Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Host Laura Ingraham noted the school district’s statement to Fox News, which said Brown doesn’t have children at the particular school in question, and that she could file a formal challenge to remove the book.

“We did,” Brown replied of the question surrounding the formal challenge, adding that the process is lengthy.


“Our group is a … grassroots and we have about 10 to 12 of us, and they’re parents, grandparents — they have elementary, middle school, high school students within CCSD,” she said.

Brown said that if she or another member of her parent group were to give that book to a child, they could go to jail for ostensibly contributing-to-delinquency or other related charges. 


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