Geraldo Rivera: Supreme Court leak changed the political calculus, could push Democrats to victory in November


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Geraldo Rivera argued the Supreme Court abortion draft opinion leak could change the entire dynamic of the midterm elections despite President Biden’s sinking approval numbers on “The Five.”

GERALDO RIVERA: If they [Democrats] drive Title 42 to be abolished, they will have helped destroy the Biden presidency. I think it will be a self-inflicted injury of a monumental dimension and the reverberations might result in a route in November and more importantly, in 2024. I think that with inflation, immigration, and crime, the Democrats are doomed, except for one thing: This leak in the Supreme Court of the abortion decision has changed the political calculus in this country. We don’t address it, we don’t deal with it in a straightforward way. I see it already in little Cleveland. Over the weekend thousands turned out as they did in hundreds of other places around the country. I think what the Supreme Court has done is ignite the suburbs, and they could change the entire dynamic of the election despite inflation, immigration, crime and Ukraine. I think it is so emotionally fraught that it has the capacity of changing the conversation.



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