Get out now! China issues serious warning at UK ships: 'Won't tolerate provocation!'

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Ramping up its threats, the Global Times advised “US allies to be particularly cautious, keep a sufficient distance from China’s red lines, and refrain from pushing ahead” as Beijing strengthens defences in the South China Sea.

In a direct threat to Britain, the article said: “The very idea of a British presence in the South China Sea is dangerous.

“We respect the right of passage in the South China Sea granted by international law to military forces of all countries, including the UK.

“However, if London tries to establish a military presence in the region with geopolitical significance, it will only disrupt the status quo in the region.

“And the UK simply does not have the ability to reshape the pattern in the South China Sea. To be precise, if the UK wants to play the role of bullying China in the region, it is demeaning itself.

“And if there is any real action against China, it is looking for a defeat.”

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