Gingrich: I suspect Republicans will 'keep the seat' in Pennsylvania


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Newt Gingrich joined “Hannity” to discuss the main takeaways from the Pennsylvania primary results and how the outlook is looking for each candidate in the race.

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, first of all, I think there’s not much room in most of the Republican Party for an anti-Trump candidate. So I think just to survive, people are going to run somewhere in the shadow of Trump, mostly hoping for his endorsement, which, of course, Dr. Oz got. But I think there’s also a big story on the other side. The Democrats in nominating Fetterman are nominating somebody who is a self-described very Senator Sanders socialist, a man who, as chairman of the parole commission, released as many criminals as he could and felt badly that he couldn’t get more criminals out of prison. And a man who has promised to raise taxes on virtually every Pennsylvania family. So the choices fall whoever wins in the primary is going to be extraordinarily stark. And I suspect the Republicans are going to keep the seat, I think, for tonight. I don’t know enough to tell, to say for sure if, in fact, what we’re seeing so far is mostly western Pennsylvania, then that would be McCormick’s strength.



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