‘God help us!’ Kamala Harris mocked over ridiculous oversimplification of Ukraine crisis


She said: “So Ukraine is a country in Europe, it exists next to another country called Russia.

“Russia is a bigger country, Russia is a more powerful country. Russia has decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine.

“So basically, that’s wrong.”

She went on to then oversimplify the package of sanctions that came as a response to Russia’s invasion, comparing them to parents threatening to punish a naughty child if they did something wrong.

She said: “We had sanctions before the actual invasion.

“We threatened sanctions to hopefully deter Russia from going in.

“You know like if you’re a parent and you tell your children ‘Well, if you do this, the punishment is gonna be that’ Right?

“And we hope that by doing that, it will deter our children from doing the wrong thing. Right?

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A third user, @mikeminded__, wrote: “She has to explain it simply for her voter base to actually understand.”

GB News presenter, Dan Wootton, wrote: “This woman is one heartbeat away from the presidency. “God help us.”


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