Gov. Abbott and Maria Bartiromo tour Texas border: 'No security whatsoever'


Texas Governor Greg Abbott joined Maria Bartiromo in an exclusive one-on-one at the southern border Sunday – breaking down the crisis he’s seen firsthand, and what the federal government could be doing to intervene. The interview, featuring a helicopter tour of the border facilities in Texas, aired during “Sunday Morning Futures.”


GREG ABBOTT: From what I observed myself in going into that facility, I saw no law enforcement; I saw no security whatsoever – either inside or outside – that facility, I’ve seen these facilities across the entire border region…none of them, have I seen any type of security to make sure people were not able to escape or engage in other acts that could endanger people either inside or outside the facilities.

MARIA BARTIROMO: What are you seeing from your standpoint from the Federal government in terms of taking power away from the states?

ABBOTT: …what the Biden administration wants to do is completely redesign the United States of America in a way that is contrary to the Constitution. The United States was designed so that each state would be able to have its own design.

Texas is the perfect example of why we need to have states be different.

…The Texas border with Mexico…if it were a straight line desert, like in Arizona, it’d be one thing. This [Texas] is far more difficult to patrol and to protect.

MARIA: Have you spoken with the President? Vice President? Do they reach out to you to get an update on things?

ABBOTT: In a word, no. Very different from the prior administration. 



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