Green list 'can widen': Hopes for amber list travel – data 'shows no variants brought in'


Travel experts are beginning to show hope that the traffic light system could be overhauled at the next review, with double jabbed Britons able to travel more freely in the coming months. As part of the Travel Day of Action, industry insiders and experts are calling upon the Government to consider more ways to reconnect Britain with the rest of the world.

According to Paul Charles, CEO of the PC Agency, many of the fears over international variants have been proved false so far.

This is why he believes most amber list countries are safe for travel, and that the “green list can be widened”.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the travel expert explained: “Britain needs to be connected to the rest of the world.

“It can be done safely and as the data is clearly showing the Government’s own data is showing there are no variants being brought in from amber listed or green listed countries.

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“There is a feeling that the Government is deliberately trying to keep people in the country so they spend more money here to boost the economy here.”

The next traffic light review is expected on Thursday, July 24.

Already Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock has suggested the Government is reviewing the current travel rules.

Speaking last week, Mr Hancock said he is “in favour of moving forward in this area” and replacing quarantine measures with daily testing.

However, he warned: “This has not been clinically advised yet – we are working on it.”

The Health Secretary continued: “We’re working on plans to essentially allow the vaccine to bring back some of the freedoms that have had to be restricted to keep people safe.

“After all, that is the whole purpose of the vaccination programme, that’s why it is so important that every adult goes out and gets the jab.”

According to Mr Charles, though, the Government messaging has meant that many Britons do not feel confident to travel despite the fact “it can be done safely.”

He said: “That’s because of government messaging that has put fear into people.

“To show them that they shouldn’t be going away at all and shouldn’t be travelling.

“That’s done the damage for the travel sector. What we need to see now is the Government instils that confidence as soon as possible to show people that it is okay and especially if you have been jabbed.”

However, the expert believes testing protocols will remain in place.

“I don’t think the testing is going to go away, they are going to stick with testing to make sure they have got an early warning signal should there be any future variants but so far the variants are not causing the damage the Government feared,” he said.

“That’s why not they need to strike this happy balance between protecting the health of our nation and opening up the economy and letting travel continue again.”


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