Greg Gutfeld: Favor the individual over identity politics


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So, this week, the media finally discovered crime because finally they found a criminal who fits the bill, as they ignore others who don’t. And make no mistake, this is a villain. And I credit the outrage, even if most of it is only to exploit a tragedy. 

CNN political reporter concludes that white Americans aren’t doing enough to fight racism. 

CNN REPORTER: You know, oftentimes it is African-Americans who talk about racism. It is really a white cultural problem that white Americans have to come to terms with. Why is it that African-Americans and brown and Black people more generally are seen as the other or demonized so easily in a lot of our politics? And we still talk about white supremacy, but it’s also the ways in which people talk about folks coming across the border. The demonization of it goes around about those folks that somehow they are also are a threat to America. 

We just demonize. So, racism is a white cultural problem and whites should come to terms with it. How does she know that they haven’t? What planet is she on? And why do they only get CNN and MSNBC there? 


But she echoes what her peers say, that whites share the guilt for their race’s worst actions, as if individual choice, responsibility or mental illness don’t exist. Only an overriding pigment that unites us in complicity. Talk about a wide brush. 

Meanwhile, this dope thinks those who embrace free speech do so to appease racists. 

CHUCK TODD: Well, Garrett, look at the way the right try to weaponize the idea that the DHS was going to essentially try and attempt to monitor hateful rhetoric. Right. They want to make it seem as if it’s some sort of big brother. And it’s like this is always what the right does to appease the white supremacist movement by saying, “hey, free speech, don’t touch me.” 

Yes. So if you’re for free speech, you’re helping out the KKK. That’s a leap Evel Knievel couldn’t make. Really. MSNBC maybe it’s time to chuck Todd. 

Disgusted by myself. He’s a turd. A turd with a head injury under a hairpiece. I could go on forever, but I won’t. 

Then there’s this guy saying we need a new war on terror. The terrorists being, of course, Republicans. 

ERROLL SOUTHERS: My guidance is that we have to treat it as a terrorist threat that it is. You know, we rallied on 9/11. There was no question about what the country is going to do. We are facing the same threat. 

We should label them the domestic terrorist party. 

Hmm. Well, next, they’ll say Republicans are divisive. So, this raises an idiotic question because it’s raised by idiots. 

Are you responsible for a person’s crime because you share a pigment? And hasn’t it been drilled into every white person’s head since they were kids not to do this kind of generalizing, especially when it comes to race. 

This is what the Democrats are riding on and it’s a unicycle with a flat tire. But let’s follow the logic. If you’re responsible for what bad whites do, what about what good whites do? When a white person does something great should you applaud me? Does Elon Musk privatizing space travel and building electric cars cancel out me having the same pigment as a mass shooter or me at a party dancing like I’m in a body cast while gnawing on carrot sticks? 

Isn’t that true white supremacy that by virtue of race, I played a role in inventing air travel? Well, I actually did more than once in college. I took acid and then jumped off the library roof into a dumpster full of trash. 

But by this logic of identity politics, I own everything good and everything bad, which is nuts. By claiming that all whites are complicit in the act of a white madman. CNN back doors into true white supremacy. If whites put a man on the moon, I guess that means I might as well be Buzz Aldrin. And you’re welcome for the Tang. 

Idiotic. It’s idiotic. But let’s play this game. Should all the Japanese share guilt for Pearl Harbor? And should all Japanese be credited with the best toilets on Earth? Admit it. They’re pretty good. Very clean. 

Should all Germans answer for the Holocaust? I say yes, except for Heidi Klum. But they also gave us the pretzel. 

Should All Blacks be credited for inventing the best music ever? I bet you didn’t even know they came up with polka music. But they’re also partly responsible for the Black-Eyed Peas. Yeah, I know. 

You see how stupid this logic is? MSNBC and CNN choose the worst from a group and ascribe it to the whole. But how would they feel if we judge them by Joy Reid or Jeffrey Toobin? Actually, I do. All the time. I’m a hypocrite. 

It’s a part of their single variable thinking. They have no mental dashboard as they fly through life’s storms, no data, statistics, probability, experience. They only see life through one filter — race.

So what about me? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m short. In new research on violent crime, short men were twice as likely to be convicted of a violent crime as the tallest. 

Now, maybe most guys are more likely to take a swing at Danny DeVito than Dwayne Johnson. But then you find out that the real variable at predicting violent crime was IQ. It’s the dumb short guys to blame. So I’m off the hook for stealing that Big Wheel. 

And it’s not just within short people that differences like IQ occur. It happens in all groups. In fact, there are bigger differences within one group than there are between two groups.

It’s why you have an Einstein and a Tom Arnold. It’s why you have Thomas Sowell and Joy Reid. There are bigger differences within race than between races. That’s huge. And why? Because we’re individuals. We’re brilliant, funny, weird, high IQ. But enough about me. We’re also depressed and crazy and vulnerable and dangerous. Okay, enough about Kat. 

But it’s not between groups. It’s among people. Individuals. So do my own explanation for short, violent, dumb asses because I’m short? Hell, no. Just as I don’t take credit for all the great work little people do. Like acting as a shoe tree in my closet. 

If you favor group identity over the individual, you would. But you don’t. Because we see the person, only the left in the media see groups. The only herd mentality on our end is walking away from them. And the only place the left doesn’t want division is in math class. 

Look at Kat. Look at Tyrus and look at me. The most important thing to gain from this show is that we are different persons. I don’t see Kat as a white chick. Tyrus doesn’t see me as a white male. Well, he doesn’t see me at all, depending on how close or far I am to him. Nor do I only see him as a giant who can flick me into space with his pinky. I see him as maybe the smartest guy I’ve ever met. I just hope Kudlow isn’t watching. I told him the same thing in the steam room and I see Kat as the funniest creature on earth and she’s not even trying to be funny. She’s just being Kat.

So in short, **** white supremacy, **** identity politics and **** you media. What we are doing right now on this show is the answer. We embrace the person, not the pigment. So, screw your identity bull****. It’s an evil that helps no race. It’s just about power, as evil always is. 


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