Guardians of the Galaxy Secret Cinema review: MCU live experience is out of this world


Immersive experiences are all the rage, but no one does them like Secret Cinema. Having taken on the likes of James Bond and Back to the Future, the London-based company has finally had a chance to work with Disney’s Marvel Studios in bringing the cosmic side of the MCU to life. The result is as good if not better than what you’d expect at Disneyland’s Avengers Campus across the pond, but this one’s not for little kids.

Before heading off into space for a Guardians of the Galaxy adventure, we had to choose which motley crew of a Ravager clan to join, opting for the red uniformed Galactic Spanners.

Heading to a secret location in Wembley Park, we entered a room mocked up as a ship to fly us off into the final frontier, full of enthusiastic passengers who’d all pretty much made the effort to dress according to the theme.

Once we arrived in the live experience, it was truly a jaw-dropping moment of immersion as we entered into the entrance hub of Contraxia, a Wild West town with dancing Love Bots and snow falling from the ceiling.

The first thing we thought was just how expensive everything looked, below picking up a themed cocktail and burger as we soaked up the sci-fi atmosphere that felt like being on a film set.

It wasn’t long before Star-Lord himself appeared in the middle of the room and engaged another character in a dance-off to one of his favourite tracks on his Awesome Mix.

Without going into spoilers, the Guardians of the Galaxy live experience has a number of main rooms representing areas from the movies including Knowhere. There are even some secret locations you don’t want to miss like The Collector’s private quarters, so we’d advise you ask around.

From the off, it’s an open-world adventure and the sooner you arrive the better to get your money and fun’s worth. The aim of the evening is to work with your Ravager clan (led by actors in character) to beat the others by earning the most units by the end of the evening.

One way of doing this is bringing your old CDs to trade in. The more Awesome Mixy the record, the better the value.

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The only improvement to the event that we could think of was how it would have been great to see the actors performing alongside some of the film’s scenes, as was the case at Secret Cinema’s Casino Royale. Plus at times during the live experience, it was difficult to know what to do next unless you began your mission immediately. There’s also quite a bit of queuing to trade in CDs for units. Nevertheless, overall, this is an impressive attraction for MCU and blockbuster fans alike. Here’s hoping they’ll do Avengers next.

Secret Cinema presents Marvel Studios’ Galaxy of the Galaxy – The Live Experience is running until December and tickets can be booked here.


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