Gutfeld: After Putin meeting, Biden acted like a teenager yelling 'I did my homework'


Greg Gutfeld and the hosts of “The Five” reacted on Wednesday to the summit between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland.

Gutfeld remarked that an interesting result of the summit was a list of U.S. entities that are off-limits for Russian hacking, which he said suggests there are things that there are American entities that are “on-limits” to hack.

“Putin got a pipeline and we got Capt. Cranky Pants,” Gutfeld said. “Not only did Putin have the energy, he went home to the energy. Biden seemed way more defensive, he was like a teenager yelling ‘I did my homework; to the parents.”

The meeting notably ended with separate press conferences, unlike former President Donald Trump’s meeting with the Kremlin leader where they held a joint press conference following their 2018 summit in Helsinki, Finland.

“Meanwhile Putin is like a relaxed, alert iguana basking on a river rock,” the host added. 

Gutfeld later said the disparities were not completely Biden’s fault, because the U.S. essentially has to “repeat the same class” with every new president, while Putin has been a fixture in the Kremlin for decades.

Later on, host Jesse Watters said the summit appeared to be largely devoid of accomplishments.

“The way I saw it, the Russians hack us, and Biden invites Putin to a summit and gives him a list of things he’s not allowed to hack?,” Watters said. “There’s no consequences, there’s no deal, nothing concrete. He said Putin’s innocent, some criminals in Russia did it, we will see if he can stop it, and calls it a constructive summit.”


He later added that Biden may have been additionally describing himself when the president told reporters that Putin cares about international opinion.

“Biden cares about what the Russians think about us, what the Chinese think about him and the Europeans think—so he is not America First because he doesn’t want to be the bad guy—even if being the bad guy is good for America,” he said. “He wants to be loved more than respected—and that’s the key to the Biden Doctrine.”


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