Hannity reminds Liz Cheney she's aligning with media who called her dad a 'war criminal'


Fox News host Sean Hannity reacts to the media praise of Republican Liz Cheney after being ousted from her leadership position on “Hannity.”

HANNITY: We briefly address the story that the media mob and Democrats are obsessing about. Wall-to-wall coverage, 48-hours and counting. Yes, Congresswoman Liz Cheney was booted from her GOP leadership position after months of nonstop negative remarks about Trump and those who support him. Now the media mob and Democrats are treating Congresswoman Cheney like she’s some modern-day martyr. She is not. I see Liz today your hero, you actually gave me the first interview to MSDNC, NBC, the first exclusive. Wow, that’s the same network I believe, if we go back, yeah, it was referring to your dad as a war criminal and should be tried, and a criminal with Halliburton and all sorts of other allegations. You may want to refresh your memory. Too bad as a Republican leader you never showed the same passion fighting the radical socialist Democrats that bribe the Iranian mullahs, abandon our ally Israel, with the same type of passion and psychotic rage you have against all things Donald Trump. Now, my message to you Liz is have fun. I’m sure you have to love all the praise and attention you’re receiving, but remember, you’re receiving it from the very same people, the Democrats and the media, that called your father a war criminal. The very people that helped put Scooter Libby, I think he’s a friend of yours, in jail, and the same people that accused your dad of numerous crimes and felonies related to his work at Halliburton.

Alright Liz, enjoy the sanctimonious ranks of the never-Trumpers. I’m sure you will love Joe’s New Green Deal socialism and his weak appeasement foreign policy that will make the world and the United States less safe and less secure. Let’s see how long it takes before they start trashing you and your father again.



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