‘Hardest part’: Expats in Australia share the common mistake people make when they move

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Endless warm weather is often one of the top reasons why expats choose to relocate to Australia from the UK. Many say that they also enjoy a much better work-life balance there.

They said: “Have a good work-life balance so that you see as much of Australia as possible since it’s such a big country.

“Too many expats make the mistake of not seeing enough of Australia due to work commitments.”

As Australia is such a big country, even travelling domestically can take a very long time by plane.

An average flight time from Sydney to Perth in Western Australia takes four hours and 15 minutes.


Expats will need to try to set aside some time to explore their new home if they want to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Top destinations in Australia include the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Uluru Rock and Fraser Island.

Another expat added: “Consider the type of environment you wish to live in. Australian cities can be surprisingly suburban and long commuting can be involved, so do some research and have a good look around.”

Expats who prefer a short commute might need to look at accommodation in the city centre to avoid a long journey to work.

While hot weather is often one of the reasons Britons decide to relocate to Australia, expats said it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

One said: “Be prepared for massive changes in the weather. It can be very hot, very cold or very wet!”

However, despite the initial challenges, many expats felt they had an excellent quality of life in Australia.

Many said they found it easy to make friends as Australians were extremely friendly and laid-back.

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