Harry & Meghan were 'super down to earth' with gospel choir at wedding – kept it 'simple'


“Especially for people who wouldn’t think ever in their life that they would be on TV let alone be watched by 9 million people.

“Even myself at the beginning, when the Palace called, I said ‘It is a community choir you want?’ Because I get these calls all the time and they’re generally asking for a professional choir.

“But they said ‘No, it’s a community choir we want. They wanted the voice of the people in this country.

“None of the people in the choir are full-time singers, none of them have a career in music. They’re all from different professions right the way across the board and it meant that we were the first ever in the history of the Queen’s speech, the first ever community choir to sing for the speech.

“That is a great accolade for people who just joined to sing on a Tuesday night! There were some people there who had only been there a week!


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