Hay fever warning: Pollen levels 'HIGH this weekend' – how to avoid symptoms


Take preventer or maintenance treatments as prescribed

If you’re prone to forgetting to take regular medication such as a preventer inhaler, now is the time to take it more seriously.

Check the packaging to see how often you should be taking the prescribed item and make sure you are sticking to the correct dosage times and frequency.

Asthma and Lung UK explained that this will prevent your lungs from reacting to pollen, adding that it is “even more crucial” for asthma sufferers.

The charity said: “Asthma preventer inhalers contain a low dose of steroid, which dampens down the inflammation that can be set off by pollen and other triggers.”

Reliever inhalers should also be carried to relax the muscles in your airways in the event of a flare-up.


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