'He deserves it!' Nigel Farage unleashes on Joe Biden as polls show popularity slipping


Nigel Farage said Joe Biden “deserves” his drop in the polls after pulling US troops out of Afghanistan. The US President has been heavily criticised for the chaos in Kabul. Speaking on GB News, Mr Farage said: “I thought this would happen.

“Joe Biden, his stumbling stuttering performance, his colossal misjudgement on the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the handing of £85billion of modern American kit to what was considered a terrorist organisation.

“The opening up of the assets of copper, lithium and much else to the Chinese Communist government and the fact that America finds itself without friends means that Biden has actually fallen more quickly in the polls even than I thought.

“He’s fallen by 10 percent in six key states.

“Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas and his own overall approval ratings are not down in the low 40s.

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“Tough times for Joe Biden, tough times for the Democrats and many would say they’re absolutely deserved.”

His comments come as Mr Biden picked veteran diplomat Lee Wolosky to help coordinate the resettlement of refugees from the war in Afghanistan, an administration official said on Wednesday.

Wolosky will serve in the White House Counsel’s Office and will work with officials with the National Security Council and other top administration aides to provide legal expertise on resettlement issues, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The United States has evacuated tens of thousands of Afghans from their home country during Biden’s withdrawal from that country after 20 years of war, a hasty pullout that has drawn sharp criticism.

Thirty-nine prisoners are currently held at Guantanamo.

Wolosky served as director of transnational threats on the National Security Council for both Bill Clinton and George W Bush during their presidencies.

Wolosky was also the attorney for Fiona Hill, a Russia specialist who served on the National Security Council for Trump.

When she provided testimony in the impeachment inquiry that looked into whether Trump asked Ukraine to investigate Biden in return for a White House meeting or the release of US security aid.


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