Heating: ‘Inexpensive’ ways to keep the cold out this winter – ‘easy to do’

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Heating the home can be expensive, especially when heat is escaping. There are many ways to keep heat inside the home including insulating water pipes and making sure radiators are balanced. 

Iain Bevan, Commercial Manager at eco-heating brand Daikin UK, shared his top tips for keeping the cold out this winter.

He said: “Stay in the optimum heating zone. Did you know that there is an optimum temperature when it comes to heating your home?

“Keeping your home between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius is the best way to ensure everyone’s warm enough, without the heating bills running away with you.

“Investing in a smart thermostat allows you to control your heating system from your phone or computer, which can make it easier to keep the temperature from creeping too high or low.”

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Iain said: “This is easy to do with inexpensive lagging (foam tubes) and duct tape, both of which will be available from your local DIY store.

“Draft-proof your home. Gaps in windows and doors can let cold drafts flow through your home, which can drastically reduce its warmth and energy efficiency.

“A colder home will cost more to heat, so consider investing in draft-proofing strips for your window frames or covers for your keyhole or letterbox.”

With the energy price cap rising, many people will be looking for ways they can reduce their heating bills.

“Balancing your radiators is a quick job you can do yourself, and there’s a range of helpful step-by-step guidelines online should you need a hand.”

Iain also recommended switching to eco-heating technology for those looking for a longer-term solution.

This includes switching an oil or gas boiler to a greener alternative, like a heat pump.

The expert said: “This can significantly reduce your bills during winter and beyond, as well as lowering your home’s carbon footprint.

“On average, an efficient heat pump can save a UK household up to £378 on heating bills each year compared to a gas boiler, and up to £476 compared with an oil boiler.”

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