Helium price surges by 20% as Dominic Cummings claims crypto 'will shock' Westminster


Helium promises to disrupt current broadband technology and build a new decentralised network to run the internet. They claim providers of the network are incentivised because the internet hotspots they set up automatically ‘mine’ the Helium cryptocurrency. The Helium (HNT) cryptocurrency began the year with a low of $0.40 but has rocketed nearly 20 percent in the last 24 hours.

The current price of the so-called “People’s Network” is now hovering at around $14.

Former advisor to the Prime Minister, Dominic Cummings, noted the new cryptocurrency project.

Earlier this month Mr Cummings tweeted: “Consider how UK political parties are decades behind understanding how to use TV.

“No chance at all they’ll have a clue regarding things like Helium, a radically decentralised crypto network.

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The Helium network is designed to support devices of ‘the Internet of Things’ and “remains a pioneering force in the market”, according to cryptocurrency researcher at Securities.io, David Hamilton.

Mr Hamilton added that Helium’s indigenous cryptocurrency (HNT) “has a maximum supply of 223,000,000 tokens”, this finite supply makes it even more valuable.

Helium call this new network of internet hotspots, “the People’s Network”.

These hotspots then emit a low bandwidth internet connection with a range of many miles.

The company claim this combination of all the Helium devices will create a network that is powerful enough to run ‘the internet of things’.


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