Horoscopes today – Russell Grant's star sign forecast for Sunday, October 16



You can’t keep quiet any longer. There is something you feel you have to say and you intend to say it, today. There will be objections and you know this. You are prepared for complaints and disagreements and you have plenty of evidence and information to support your side of the argument.


Cutting down on costs while keeping everyone in the house happy can be tricky. It will feel like it’s a full time job checking on how money is being spent every month. There are events going on in your neighbourhood you would enjoy. Don’t miss out on having some fun.


You will want to put more thought into changes you are considering that will either affect your family life, working life or general well-being. Someone will be telling you to hold back before going ahead with some of your more ambitious intentions. If your plans make sense to you, don’t listen to what other people might say.


Someone in the family will give a great performance in a competitive event. Arranging a small celebration will be your way of letting them know how proud you are of them. They have no idea what atmosphere awaits them when they return home. It will be a special night ahead.


You aren’t disappointed with results of a project so far although you still have lots to do. In terms of schedule you may be over the half-way point but in terms of progress you could be slightly behind. You still have time to play catch-up and there will be help at hand when you need it.


You don’t want to miss an event that happens once a year. Being asked to host this event will ensure you will be totally involved in this occasion. It will feel good to be there for a special moment. A wonderful, glorious, happy occasion will uplift your spirits.


It will be a difficult juggling act to keep family and friends happy, but you will do a fabulous job. You might combine a few ideas to enable you to fulfil a number of obligations at the same time. You even have a few contingency plans in mind should anything go wrong, which it won’t.


You will put effort, emotion, thought and consideration into all your relationships. No one can accuse you of not considering their needs and not having any time for them. Somehow you will seem to know what people expect from you and you won’t be letting them down.


You sense a partner is starting to feel neglected. There are a number of ways to win their heart. Plan the day so you can enjoy plenty of quality time together. Book a meal in your favourite restaurant. Fill the evening with romance, scented candles, soft music and expensive wine.


You’re worried you are revealing a little too much of your deepest, most private feelings. This is actually a great way to help others know you are getting it right. The exciting atmosphere leading up to a special occasion will make the day ahead far from boring.


Now you may not have exactly planned it, but your home is likely to be a busy whirl of social activity as the week wears on. If you’re married or closely linked to one special person, this unexpected turn of events is likely to prove highly effective in dispelling any ‘offish’ mood he or she may begin the week in.

Pisces (Feb20/Mar20) Whatever your plans happen to be they will include some of your closest friends and favourite people. There will be a sense of achievement at the end of the day as you see ideas you have all been working on come to fruition at last.


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