How to clean a BBQ – 8 steps to a sparkling barbecue

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How to clean a BBQ

Step one

If you’ve already turned your barbecue on, you’ll need to let it cool down for at least half an hour before you start to clean it to avoid burning yourself.

If you have a coal barbecue, Lynsey advises against throwing water on the coals.

She said: “when they have cooled pour them into a rubbish bag and rinse out the tray using your outside tap.”

Alternatively, you could leave the barbecue on and rub a peeled onion on your grills.

There is a reason behind this odd hack. Onions are antiseptic and can clean your barbecue without the need for chemicals!

However, if you haven’t cleaned your barbecue in a while you’ll want to try a different technique first.

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