How to look younger: Avoid 'one of the biggest mistakes' with your hair – it 'can age you'


She explained that attempting to cover grey hairs the wrong way is “one of the biggest mistakes” she sees in her career.

The stylist was asked what colours women should avoid to not look older. Nicky said: “Going too light to cover grey hair is one of the biggest mistakes I see.

“Unless your hair is naturally light or blonde, highlighting too much or completely changing the colour of your hair to go significantly lighter can age you, especially if it clashes with your skin tone.”

While lightening hair is an effective way to hide greys, keeping your hair harmonious is important for a number of reasons.

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The hair expert also advised against covering hair with one flat colour. She said: “If you want to stay darker but hide the greys, using one colour for the entirety of your hair can also age you as it draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones which can be indicative of ageing.”

So how can women who want to colour their hair do so in a way that makes them look fresh and youthful? Nicky advised: “I recommend incorporating another colour that’s one shade lighter on the strands around your face to help give you a youthful glow.”

There are a number of colours that will make you look a lot younger than blonde, Nicky said.

“Most people think that to look younger, you need to hide the greys and go blonde. However, contrary to popular belief, it’s actually caramels, honeys, golds, and strawberry tones that can make you look younger,” she explained.

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“Caramel highlights can add a warm tone to your hair with added dimension and help give an impression of extra volume.

“If you really want to go a bit more blonde to cover some greys, a golden balayage is a great choice as it will also help you to stay closer to your natural colour and can be really flattering if used in a way to frame your face.”

Hair colours that can make you look younger

  • Caramel
  • Honey
  • Golds
  • Strawberry

Dry and damaged hair is also rather ageing, but a viral trend has been credited with leaving hair gorgeously glossy. 

The trend, known on TikTok as “hair slugging” sees the application of natural oils to the hair before heading to bed.

Simply apply oil all over the hair and brush it through before wrapping the hair in a sock.

One woman said: “I’ve been doing this once a week for a couple of years now and it’s made such a difference in the shine and overall health of my hair so I definitely recommend it.”

Tricks to make your hair look younger

Try a hair sunscreen

The sun can damage your hair just as much as your skin. Sun can make your hair look faded and damage your scalp, meaning hair grows thinner. There are a number of styling creams with sunscreen on the market. Otherwise, always wear a hat in the hot sun.

Get a regular cut

Keeping split ends at a minimum will make hair look much younger. Visit the hairdresser regularly to feel fresh and tidy.

Eat hair-helping foods

A nourished body makes for nourished hair. Foods that are good for your hair include broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard, yoghurt and cottage cheese.


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